Al Thompson wanted to simplify her life.
The only way to do that
was to change it completely.

But no life is simple—
especially one filled with

After working in the cutthroat world of corporate public relations for thirteen years, Alfreda "Al" Thompson has decided to jump off the career ladder and simplify her life. A basic, uncomplicated job is what she needs, and she finds exactly what she’s looking for at an import shop crowded with cultural and religious artifacts from all over the world.

Along with the job, the shop’s quirky yet amiable owner, Wally, generously offers to waive the rent on the second floor office if she renovates it into a living space. Feeling an intense and immediate connection with him, Al accepts and moves in.

Just four days later, she begins a journey that will require her to become immersed within the myths, legends and spiritual beliefs of the cultures from which these objects come and ultimately face her own unresolved emotional artifacts.

Sprinkled with humor throughout, Artifacts combines discussion of philosophy, perception, belief, and the desire to live a more conscious life.


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